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Biosecurity Tasmania needs your help to locate plants that may be prone to Myrtle Rust

Biosecurity Tasmania is seeking your help to locate plants that may be prone to the invasive plant disease myrtle rust which could pose a serious risk to the health of Tasmania's native bushland.

Myrtle rust has distinctive yellow pustules that contain the spores which can easily be spread by wind, insects, animals and people onto nearby host plants, including bushland.

Lophomyrtus plants are the key carriers of Myrtle rust and Biosecurity Tasmania needs to inspect these plants in home gardens (with your permission) for signs of disease.

Biosecurity Tasmania is continuing with its statewide emergency response program in an attempt to eradicate Myrtle rust, before it becomes established in Tasmania.

See the attached flyer for more information on what to do, who to contact and what the cultivars of Lophomyrtus plants look like.

Further information on Myrtle rust can be found on Biosecurity Tasmania web site at http://dpipwe.tas.gov.au/biosecurity/plant-biosecurity/pests-and-diseases/myrtle-rust.