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How to use My Garden profile documents

Members can use the My Garden section to build a profile of your garden at different points in time. By answering a series of questions about your garden, your gardening practices and the native birds, insects and animals that live in or visit your garden, you can record what your garden is like today. Answer those questions again after a ‘makeover', in the next season, or next year and you can begin to develop a journal that records your successes in making your garden more welcoming for wildlife.

You can create a profile document by going to the My Garden section.

How to use My Garden/mygardenmenu.gif

Then click the button to create a new 'My Garden' profile document. Your previously saved profile documents can be accessed from the list. They are sorted by date. So you can go back and compare the results of your latest gardenprofile to an earlier one.

How to use My Garden/mygardenview.gif

When you click the button to create a new profile page you will be presented with a tabbed screen for answering questions about your garden. The address and other information at the top come from your membership details. If you have moved address you will need to update your membership details via the My Membership link in the left hand side menu.

There are a series of tabs for each section of the 'My Garden' profile. Step through each of them by selecting the next tab at either the top or bottom of the form. Work your way through insects, birds, mammals, reptiles & frogs, weeds & pests, water use and finally the finish tab.

You can save at any time and come back to the page to continue adding to the profile.

There is a time in red text at the top of the form, indicating the time you need to save by. The system will automatically log you out after one hour of inactivity (not saving) as a security measure. So make sure you save before this time. The time will get reset to give you another hour after you click the save or save & close button.

How to use My Garden/mygardencreate.gif

On some of the fields you will notice that the text is blue like a link. If you click on this text it will show a picture of the species and a small description from the species gallery. This will show in the right hand side of the page.

How to use My Garden/mygardenbirdlabel.gif

How to use My Garden/mygardenspeciesgallery.jpg

When you're done make sure you save with either the save or save & close button.

How to use My Garden/mygardensave.gif

When you open one of your existing profile pages from the My Garden section page the page is in read mode. There are two buttons at the top to allow you to edit or to open it in a print friendly format.

How to use My Garden/mygardeneditprint.gif

The print friendly version will open the profile in a new window in a format that shows all the information in one long table without any menus etc. Making it ideal for printing. You could print off each profile and compare them over time.

How to use My Garden/mygardenprint.gif

So go ahead and give it a try. You may get a pleasant suprise when you see the effect of changes in your garden over time.