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Learning to grow what where - coastal garden and plant progagation workshops

On Sunday 6th March, a coastal garden and plant progagation workshop was held at Sorell.  This workshop focused on designing a sustainable, drought-proof, bird attracting coastal native garden.  It also covered biodiversity conservation and how gardens can make a valuable contribution to providing wildlife-friendly spaces and environment-friendly and sustainable practices. 

It was not all talking, with hands on practical demonstrations on how to collect native plant seeds and how to propagate native plants from cuttings, focusing on suitable local native species.

South Coastal Garden Workshops/Sorell_Coastal_Garden_wshop_March2011-IM_9.JPG

South Coastal Garden Workshops/Sorell_Coastal_Garden_wshop_March2011-IM_6.JPG

All potting mix, pots, plants, seeds and equipment were provided by the Understorey Network.

South Coastal Garden Workshops/Sorell_Coastal_Garden_wshop_March2011-IM_22.JPG

A similar collaborative workshop was held on Sunday 27th March where we visited a GFWer's garden to see and hear about how she has designed her garden, who lives there or visits, and why it is special to her. We were all amazed at the diversity of native plants in her garden even though it was a small space - most inspiring to many of the group who are just starting out. We also went to a vacant block which was a great example of the remnant grassy coastal woodland which formerly would have been found over much of Dodges Ferry prior to settlement.

South Coastal Garden Workshops/Dodges_Ferry_Coastal_Garden_Workshop_March2011_480.JPG

South Coastal Garden Workshops/Dodges_Ferry_Coastal_Garden_Workshop_March2011_484.JPG

The same topics were covered as with the Sorell workshop, but there was also the opportunity to participate in activities at the recently established Okines Community Centre and Garden located at Dodges Ferry.  Already this centre is developing into a fantastic resource for the community and it will be lovely to see how it looks in a year or so time.

South Coastal Garden Workshops/Dodges_Ferry_Coastal_Garden_Workshop_March2011_509.JPG

South Coastal Garden Workshops/Dodges_Ferry_Coastal_Garden_Workshop_March2011_512.JPG

South Coastal Garden Workshops/Dodges_Ferry_Coastal_Garden_Workshop_March2011_520.JPG

It's a pleasure being part of these workshops knowing that people can gain form them, have the chance to ask questions and meet other like-minded people in their community.

South Coastal Garden Workshops/Dodges_Ferry_Coastal_Garden_Workshop_March2011_531.JPG

South Coastal Garden Workshops/Dodges_Ferry_Coastal_Garden_Workshop_March2011_534.JPG

Everyone went home with pots of seeds and cuttings.

South Coastal Garden Workshops/Sorell_Coastal_Garden_wshop_March2011-IM_30.JPG