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Have you seen Green and Gold frogs? Observations wanted!

Observations of Green and Gold frogs wanted!

This spring is proving a spectacular time to see and hear frogs. So much rain has meant that many areas are wet again following a series of dry years, and frogs of all species have been taking advantage of these conditions to breed. Calling males can be heard everywhere, in many cases in places where frogs have not been recorded.

These ideal conditions make a great opportunity to identify the frog species occurring in your area. Staff from DPIPWE are also taking advantage of these conditions to undertake surveys for one of the state’s more spectacular frogs, the Green and Gold Frog Litoria raniformis.

This species is listed as vulnerable in Tasmania, and is found in three distinct areas; northern Tasmania, along the east coast and in the greater Hobart area. While this species is still common in the north of the state, there have been few recent reports from southern or eastern Tasmania, and it is feared that the population has suffered a large decline in these areas. With the recent rains and the temperature increasing, now is an ideal time to search for the species, as males will be calling to attract females and start breeding.

We are interested in hearing from anyone who has heard the Green and Gold frog recently, either in their backyard or elsewhere. This species has a distinctive low, growling call; an example of which can be heard here.  Individuals can often be seen basking during the day, or calling at night from the edge of ponds.

Please email your records to david.wilson@dpipwe.tas.gov.au or phone 62336556 (Wildlife inquiries).

Here are some photos of Green and Gold frogs so you know what to look for- so keep your eyes (and ears) out for them.

Green and Gold frogs/lowres_Lraniformis1AP.JPG 










Green and Gold frogs/lowres_Lraniformis2AP.JPG

(Photos: Annie Phillips, DPIPWE)