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Backyard Biffo - aggressive interactions amongst backyard birds survey

About this survey

Aggression between different species is perhaps the most striking bird behaviour observed by people in the places where birds and people coexist.  Certain species have reputations as "Bully Birds" and they are commonly believed to limit the occupation of gardens and other areas by more mild-mannered species.

The aim of this survey is to systematically record aggressive interactions between bird species to determine the relative importance of different aggressor species, and the degree to which they may structure backyard bird communities

Take part in this survey

This survey involves recording acts of bird aggression that you might observe while conducting the 20-min Backyard Bird Survey and is a supplement to this survey.  During your survey you will need to note any aggressive interactions you observe during your 20-min survey, and record the species involved attacks and responses, location and resource being disputed.

The ‘Birds in Backyards' Program have established a new survey called "Backyard Biffo".  The form is very easy to fill out and any observations you can make would be a great help.  Please try and contribute to this survey which is located at http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/surveys/backyard-biffo.cfm.

(Source Birds in Backyards Research Projects e-news 11-11-2008)