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'Gardens for Wildlife' at the 2010 APST 'Wildflower Spectacular'

‘Gardens for Wildlife' at the 2010 APST Wildflower Spectacular

This year's Australian Plant Society Tasmania's ‘Wildflower Spectacular' held from Friday 8th to Sunday 10th October in the Hobart City Hall was as the name states spectacular.  The theme for this year was ‘The joy of native plants'.  ‘Gardens for Wildlife' took part to provide information and advice on Gardens for Wildlife and also Land for Wildlife and conservation covenants.  We shared a display with the Understorey Network and Birds Tasmania who are partners of the GFW scheme.  A lot of interest was shown in people wanting to learn more about native plants, particularly understorey plants, how to attract birds to their gardens, how they could be involved in protecting wildlife species and habitat, or generally just sharing their stories of plants, birds or other wildlife.  It was a wonderful display and joy to be part of, especially the opportunity to meet and talk to people.

Iona Mitchell, Coordinator Gardens for Wildlife

Here are some images taken of the event.

GFW at 2010 APS Wildflower Spectacular/GFW_Wildflower_Spectacular_2010_1.jpg

GFW at 2010 APS Wildflower Spectacular/GFW_Wildflower_Spectacular_2010_2.JPG

GFW at 2010 APS Wildflower Spectacular/GFW_Wildflower_Spectacular_2010_3.JPG

GFW at 2010 APS Wildflower Spectacular/GFW_Wildflower_Spectacular_2010_4.JPG