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Vegie gardening with wildlife

It is possible to grow vegies and still have wildlife visit without having to construct barricades to prevent them eating your vegetables. Here is a simple example showing how vegies are grown and not browsed by wildlife even though surrounding the raised beds there are numerous scats.

Wildlife in my garden/vegies_with_hoppies.JPG

Here are some of the wildlife that visit my garden - photos taken using a motion sensor camera. In this bed there is lettuce, beetroot, zuchini's and squash - not a leaf has been nibbled!

Wildlife in my garden/Pademelon-adult.JPG


Wildlife in my garden/Bettong.JPG

A bettong.

Wildlife in my garden/Long-nosed_potoroo.JPG

Long-nosed potoroo

Wildlife in my garden/Pademelon.JPG

A young pademelon

Wildlife in my garden/brush-tailed_possums.JPG


A male and female brush-tailed possum.

Wildlife in my garden/mum_and_babe_eastern_barred_bandicoot.JPG

Beautiful eastern barred bandicoots - a mother with her young.