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Like to help out here and there with landcare in Tasmania?


Like to help out here and there with landcare in Tasmania?

The Tasmanian Landcare Association (TLCA) established the Extra Hands program two years ago with the aim of providing support to ‘care’ groups through recruiting and placing casual volunteers within landcare events being organized by groups across the state. To date, we’ve recruited over 1000 new volunteers into the program.

Extra Hands is a fuss-free, simple program. Here’s how it works:

  • You sign up to become an Extra Hands casual volunteer. You indicate the sorts of activities you would like to participate in (e.g. tree planting), the area you’d like to work in (from your suburb to statewide) and when you are available (weekdays/weekends). Sign up takes about 5 minutes

  • Meanwhile, TLCA is working with ‘care’ groups across the state. These groups will advise us of upcoming events or working bee they’d like to invite Extra Hands volunteers to. We work through all the safety and logistics issues with the group so that the activity will be safe, fun and worthwhile. Your participation in any event as an Extra Hands volunteer is comprehensively covered by our insurance.


  • TLCA looks at the Extra Hands database to identify the volunteers who have indicated they’d like to participate in a particular activity (e.g. tree-planting in Kingston). We invite the matched volunteers to the event via an email or letter with all the details for the activity, and a number to call if you’d like to come along. There is no need to take any action if you are unavailable for whatever reason.

  • If you would like to go along to the event, you call the host to RSVP. You are responsible for your own transport, lunch and in some cases you may be asked to bring gloves/secateurs etc if you have them.

  • On the day, you have the opportunity to provide an extra pair of hands to a local ‘care’ group in their efforts to look after the Tasmanian environment.

With your participation, you’re helping to build this program into a valuable source of help for all the care groups throughout the state. Check out the website, or give the office a call for more details.

Emma Belfield

Executive Officer

Tasmanian Landcare Association

ph: 03 6234 7117