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Frog habitats in your backyard

Last year I put a frog pond in our backyard. I have always loved frogs since I was a child and now my own kids share that fascination.

We had seen the odd frog in the backyard and thought if we built a pond then they would come and live in it and breed. The pond is a simple plastic one from the hardware shop, holding about 100 litres of water. Once I'd dug the hole for it and placed it in, I then filled all the gaps with dirt. My daughter Kira enjoyed helping me. We then placed some stones in and around it and put some branches in so that the frogs could easily get out.

A trip to a Tasmanian native plant nursery provided us with a few different water plants to provide the frogs with somewhere to lay their eggs, as well as provide them some cover from predators. I planted some natives around the back of the pond to provide some more cover so that the pond wouldn't get too hot in the summer sun.

Now we have a very healthy population of frogs in the backyard. They have been through two breeding cycles since we put it in. The kids have had a great time watching the eggs turn into tadpoles and the tadpoles getting their legs and turning into frogs. It is also a pleasure listening to them chirping away after a good rain in the evening.

Garden Story - frogs/frogs01.jpg 

So far we have only seen the brown tree frog in and around th pond. But we are hopeful that we may get some other types moving in too.

Garden Story - frogs/frogs02.jpg

Garden Story - frogs/frogs03.jpg

Garden Story - frogs/frogs04.jpg

Garden Story - frogs/frogs05.jpg

Craig Vertigan, Moonah