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Bird haven in a Riverside 'Garden for Wildlife'

The best thing I have ever done is to get rid of the front lawn and plant natives.  The front garden has now grown a lot since the photo was taken, and the birds love my garden now.  I live in suburbia and I am lucky that I have a large bush block at the back of my house as this helps attract birds, especially the yellow-tailed black cockatoos. 

I also have wrens and finches in the garden from time to time, but as you would understand it is terribly difficult to photograph such small birds. 



Once a horrible lawn now all native plants.


The old lawn is now covered with colourful natives for most of the year.


Tawny Frogmouth stopped by for a day - a fantastic experience.


Yellow wattlebird (honey eater) in a tree in my garden.


The cheeky Musk Lorikeets are regular visitors to my garden, especially when the apples are ripe!


Yellow-tailed black cockatoos frequent the trees over my back fence on a regular basis - in Riverside!



TY, Riverside