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We'd love to hear your stories and experiences of wildlife in your garden, special features of your garden or plants, habitats you've created or any other ideas or features that you'd like to share with other Garden for Wildlifers - photographs welcome.  Send your stories to:

Coordinator Gardens for Wildlife
Department of Primary Industries and Water
GPO Box 44,
Hobart   TAS   7001

Or email: gardensforwildlife.enquiries@dpipwe.tas.gov.au

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Diamond in the Rough - a transformation to a Garden for Wildlife

An inspiring story from a Gardens for Wildlife member about transforming an old house and its front and backyards to create a wildlife-friendly productive food garden in an urban setting - truly a Garden for Wildlife.

Bird haven in a Riverside 'Garden for Wildlife'

A change from lawn to native garden has attracted a diversity of birds which visit my garden at Riverside - it's lovely to see them and to make them welcome.

Native hens (aka 'Turbo chooks') in my garden

For years I have wanted Native hens in my garden, now I have a pair who visit frequently and they are delightful to watch, especially when they are giving themselves a good wash!

A Sound Idea: acoustic monitoring of Tasmania's native bush birds

A Sound Idea is a project to monitor the diversity and distribution of bush birds using digital sound recording devices. A statewide aural record of different habitats including urban gardens, especially those near bushland or reserves, is being compiled. There are some interesting observations emerging, click on the heading to find out more.

Frog habitats in your backyard

Frog habitats in your backyard

Fungi - overlooked beauties

A period of heavy rain and still-warm soil temperature this autumn has resulted in splashes of colour and interesting forms popping up from the soil or organic debris.