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Funding for the ‘Garden for Wildlife' signs, membership cards and durable stickers was made possible by the Norman Wettenhall Foundation.

Funding for the ‘Gardens for Wildlife - sharing our gardens with wildlife' booklet and web site was made possible by the Australian Government and the Department of Primary Industries and Water.



'Garden for Wildlife' sign Graphic artwork: Brett Littleton (DPIW)

'Garden for Wildlife' web site: Craig Vertigan, Sha-sha Kwa and Iona Mitchell (DPIW)


Sarah Lloyd and Peter Tonelli in particular are thanked for the majority of photographs which appear on this web site.

Other contributors:

Iona Mitchell

Craig Vertigan



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Australian Museum, Birds Australia and Birds in Backyard Program (in particular, Kate Ravich), are thanked for many of the bird species photographs and collaborative links to the ‘Birds in Backyards' web site for information on Tasmanian bird species.